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How far should you be hitting your clubs?

The distance that most golfers hit their clubs can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, including their age, skill level, and physical capabilities. Here are some average distances that most golfers hit their clubs:

  • Driver: 180-220 yards

  • 3-wood: 160-200 yards

  • 5-wood: 150-180 yards

  • 3-iron: 140-170 yards

  • 4-iron: 130-160 yards

  • 5-iron: 120-150 yards

  • 6-iron: 110-140 yards

  • 7-iron: 100-130 yards

  • 8-iron: 90-120 yards

  • 9-iron: 80-110 yards

  • Pitching wedge: 70-100 yards

  • Sand wedge: 50-70 yards

These are just rough estimates, and the actual distances that a golfer hits their clubs can vary greatly. Factors such as swing speed, clubhead speed, and ball flight can all impact the distance that a golfer hits their clubs.


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